Types of Art Paintings

Wherever you go today there is surely art to be found. Anywhere you go in the world there is certainly an art form to sweep you off your feet and leave you breathless as they are exceptionally beautiful and wonderful pieces of genius. Taking that into view, art painting artists don’t actually just paint only one type of paintings but they do vary in different genres and themes. Hence, below are some examples on the types of art paintings down today.

The most common type of painting done by artists would be oil paintings as they can be drawn or done in various designs and methods. Oil paintings are actually paintings that are done with pigments that are directly added or incorporated in drying oil. It was first used as varnishes but through the ages evolved into painting materials. Oil paintings are available in various colors and designs, and if done well are exceptionally beautiful works of art.

Art painting artists also do tend to paint fantasy paintings that are currently in demand in today’s market. Fantasy paintings can be anything from just a complicated and creative idea of an artist or even a magical realm that is created out of nothing. Paintings are capable of bringing wonders into a person’s imagination and mind, and fantasy art is one example of it that could simply mesmerize you as they are usually a portrayal of an artist’s imagination.

Last but not least would be landscape paintings which are somewhat common. Landscape paintings like the word says are paintings that portray what we view around us such as beautiful scenery. They can range from grassy hills to beach sides and snowy mountains. Artists have a great sense of imagination and creativity and some can even draw these landscapes to an extent that they look actually real and are a photo captured into canvas.

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